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Photos of NE Thailand (page 1 of 3)

Kasma Loha-unchit (photos & text)

These photos were taken on a 17/18-day trip of Northeastern Thailand, the region called Isan (or Isaan).

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01_khorat_vendor 02_khorat_cyclist 03_phimai_1 04_phimai_2 05_silk_threads
06_drying_threads 07_khmer_ruin 08_sleeping_visnhu 09_rice_planting 10_reclining_buddha
11_buddha_statues 12_weaving_loom 13_praewa_silk 14_rice_paper 15_rock_formation_1
16_rock_shelter_shrine 17_pertroglyphs 18_loei_vendor 19_singh_statue 20_buddha_statue
Photos copyright 1999 & 2004 Kasma Loha-unchit. All rights reserved.