Buddhism Wednesday Photo

Buddha Image in Nakhon Panom (Wednesday Photo)

Buddha Statue in Nakhon Panom

Buddha Statue in Nakhon Panom
Buddha Statue at Wat Pa Panohm in Nakhon Panom

“Don’t go fixating on the way things appear to be. Recognize whatever appears to the mind as merely so—merely a moment of sensation and awareness, something impermanent that arises and passes away. There is nothing more than that. There is no self or other, no essence, nothing that should be grasped.”

– Ajahn Chah, in Being Dharma, p. 113.

From: Being Dharma: The Essence of the Buddha’s Teachings. Ajahn Chah, Translated by Paul Breiter. Shambala, Boston & London, 2001.

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