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Sudaporn Restaurant in Trang

Michael Babcock, November 15th, 2011

Whenever we visit Trang, in the South of Thailand, I look forward to a meal at Sudaporn restaurant. The full name in Thai is Ban Suan Supdaporn. Not only is the food terrific, it has a beautiful garden setting where it is a pleasure to eat. The words ban suan literally mean “garden house”. On Kasma’s trips to Southern Thailand we always had a most enjoyable meal there. (The restaurant name is pronounced “Sudapawn”.)

Entry Sign

Sign for Ban Suan Sudaporn

Like another of our favorite restaurants, Ruen Mai, in Krabi, many of the seats are nestled in amongst greenery. At Sudaporn there’s also a pond and a fountain giving that lovely water sound as you eat.

(Click images to see larger version.)

Entry Way

Walking into Sudaporn Restaurant

They do a number of dishes really well. My absolute favorite is the Fried Pork Leg. The pork leg is stewed ahead of time until it is succulent and tender; then it’s deep-fried so that the skin is caramelized and crispy. My oh my, it melts in your mouth. It’s worth a visit here just for this one dish!

One caveat: you must order from the Thai menu. The English version is considerably smaller and lacks many of these favorite dishes.

Fried Pork Leg

Fried Pork Leg

Lemongrass Miang

Lemongrass Miang

Another dish that Kasma invariable orders is Miang Takrai, or “Lemongrass Miang.” Many people are familiar with the more common Miang Kam (or Miang Kham), which Kasma calls (in her recipe) Tasty Leaf-wrapped Tidbits. The idea behind a miang is that the ingredients of the dish are wrapped up in the wild pepper leaf called bai cha plu, which is almost universally misidentified as betal leaf. (See Kasma’s blog Miang Kam uses Bai Cha Plu NOT Betal Leaf (Bai Plu)). This dish is a lemongrass salad that is wrapped up in the leaf for eating.

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

Fish Dish

Fried Fish Dish

There are two other dishes I’ll mention. One is a fruit salad; in Thai – Som Tam Ponlamai. You may recognize the first two Thai words – Som Tam, which is the name for one of the most popular of all Thai dishes – Green Papaya Salad. Som means sour and tam means to hit; the name comes from the way the salads are made, which is by being (lightly) pounded in a mortar and pestle.

We also like the Blah Boran, a friend fish dish with a tasty sauce. Blah is the Thai word for fish and boran in this case means “traditional” so it is a fish prepared in a traditional manner. Typically it is for a fried fish that’s also served with fried herbs (they it may not be)

So next time you’re down in Southern Thailand, head over to Trang and eat at Ban Suan Sudaporn: (Sudaporn Restaurant). Here’s the address:

Thap Thiang, Mueang Trang Trang 92000 Thailand.


Mural at Sudaporn

Written by Michael Babcock October, 2011

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