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Ranong Buns (Wednesday Photo)

Michael Babcock, February 3rd, 2010

Yummy Buns in Ranong

Ranong Buns

Ranong (province) Buns

When Thai people travel they usually have a specific destination on the itinerary that has to do with a food treat. We do the same thing whenever we travel in Thailand

On her Southern Thailand trip one stop I always looked forward to is what I think of as “Bun Ville.” It’s a section of the main highway on the Andaman Sea side of Thailand soon after Highway 4 coming from the turn-off at Chumpon curves south.

Keep an eye out to the left-hand side. You’ll know your at “Bun Ville” when you see all the stacked steamers – one stop after another.

What they are selling is a type of pork bun somewhat similar to the Chinese char siu bao and called, (I think this is accurate) in Thai sara bao. The buns where we stop are of several varieties, including pork (not the red pork of the Chinese buns, savory nonetheless), black bean, taro and custard. They are smaller in size than the Chinese bao and also less doughy.

Kasma found out about them from a Thai tourist magazine (they always list stops for food treats) and she’s been stopping there every since.

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