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Melt Me Chocolate, Revisited

Michael Babcock, March 15th, 2013

Melt Me Chocolate in Bangkok makes some of my favorite chocolate anywhere. Although I don’t really associate Thailand with chocolate, for many years I always made at least a couple trips to Melt Me to get the two items I enjoy most. As of May 2020 when I’m revising this, the only outlet I know of in Bangkok is at Siam Center. There are two items that I loved the most.

Chocolate Squares

Hokkaido Dark Chocolate

Melt Me says that their chocolate is “Hokkaido Chocolate.” I’ve been unable to track down anything specific about such chocolate but a Japanese friend tells me that Hokkaido is known for its rich butter, milk and cream, so you would expect Hokkaido Chocolate to be rich and creamy. Melt Me chocolate is.

(Click images to see larger version.)

Perhaps my favorite item there is the “Hokkaido Dark.” It’s made with 70% chocolate. As I said in a previous blog: “The dark chocolate is rich, creamy and bittersweet, almost like a truffle in its consistency; it does, literally, melt in your mouth. It’s a luxurious confection: rich and tasty.” These are very rich; usually one is enough to satisfy me. Which is good! They cost 270 baht for a box of 15 – currently about $9.00 U.S., so about 60 cents each. You can also get 30 for 480 baht (about 53 cents, each).

Chocolate Treat

Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts

They also make a Hokkaido Dark 80% (300 baht for 15). I have tried them and, although, they’re quite good, they are (of course) a bit less sweet and they also seemed a bit less creamy to me than the standard Hokkaido Dark. I prefer the Hokkaido Dark.

We also love the the Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts; they’re crispy and delicious. We suspect they’ve been roasted crisp and possibly coated with a praline before they are covered over with the bittersweet chocolate. Macadamia nuts are very rich to begin with and with the chocolate these are very rich indeed: a few nuts usually suffice to satisfy. They are not inexpensive: 350 baht (about $12.00 U.S., at this time) for a not so large box. Thankfully, just a couple tastes are enough to satisfy. Like the Hokkaido Dark they are rich enough that I can’t eat that much at one time.


Gelato at Melt Me Chocolates

Update Note, March 2020: We have not visited Melt Me Chocolate for at least 2 years and as far as I know there is currently only one outlet in Bangkok – according to the Bangkok Post, they have an outlet at Siam Center. Hopefully they are still serving their delicious gelato, seen to the left.

We first met Melt Me chocolate at Paradise Park – see my orginal March 2011 blog Great Chocolate; in Thailand!. Unfortunately, that outlet is closed, as are two other outlets we used: one at Arena 10 on Thong Lo Soi 10 and another at the Central World off the Chitlom BTS station. At one time they had 8 outlets in Bangkok.

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Written by Michael Babcock, March 2013, updated May 2020

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