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Kao Mun Gai (Wednesday Photo)

Michael Babcock, July 22nd, 2009

Poached Chicken over Rice

Poached Chicken over Rice

Poached Chicken over Rice

There are numerous types of one-dish meals that are common all over Thailand, such as this one. The Thai name is Kao Mun Gai, composed of the words kao (rice), mun (oil or fat) and gai (chicken). When Kasma taught it in her classes, she called it Poached Chicken Rice with Melon Soup and Hot Fermented Soybean and Ginger Sauce.

It consists of a chicken (Kasma usually uses a capon), which is poached, and then served over rice that has been cooked in the rendered chicken fat (the mun portion of the dish) and in broth from poaching the chicken – much like an Italian  risotto. It is served with a simple broth with winter green melon or fuzzy melon (not pictured) and a spicy fermented soybean and ginger sauce (shown in the sauce dish above).

When done well, it is succulent, juicy chicken served over rice rich with chicken fat and a good bit of pizzazz from the sauce. It is often seen as a street food and there are also shops that specialize in the dish. You can recognize where it is sold by the plump, whole chickens hanging on display. This picture was taken at a shop in Songkla, in the south of Thailand.

Kasma taught this dish in her Advanced Series Set D (class 3).

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