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About This Blog

This is the blog that is part of Kasma Loha-unchit’s website, Thai Food and Travel dot com. The blog was started in March 2009 and the only contributors are Kasma and her husband, Michael Babcock. Our last entry was on January 30, 2018.

You can learn more about Kasma by reading Kasma’s biography.

Michael and Kasma have been together since 1992. In that time, Michael has gone to Thailand with Kasma every year, except 1996. His knowledge of things Thai come from those trips and from living with a Thai cooking teacher who is generous with sharing her knowledge.

Our blog has been selected for three “best of” lists:

  • Top 100 Travel Photography Blogs
  • 50 Best Food Blogs for the Avid Traveler (May 2010). This was done by onlinedegrees.com, who has asked us to remove their link from our website.
  • The Tripbase Awards, 2011 – the best blogs written by those inspired by all things food related.

Everything on this site, photos and text, is protected by copyright. If you wish to use a photo or some of the text, please ask for permission and give attribution. We will treat your work with similar respect.

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Also see, Notes on Thai Pronunciation and Spelling.

Kasma and Michael at the Marble Temple in Bangkok, January 2008

Kasma and Michael at the Marble Temple in Bangkok, January 2008