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Kasma's Thailand Trips – Details

led by Kasma Loha-unchit

"I also wanted to re-thank you for the wonderful tour that you led us on in Thailand. You set the standard for trips that I go on." – Stella

Currently Scheduled Trips Pricing Information

January 2018 to February 2019 Trips

Trip B:   18 day trip to Central & Northern Thailand, January 4 – 21, 2019:  $3,200, international airfare not included.

Trip So: 18-day trip to Southern Thailand, January 26 – February 12, 2019: $3,330, international airfare not included.

Details & Conditions

Click on each picture to see a larger image and caption.

Woman vendor at a Thai marketFood: Food in as important part of the trip. We cannot accept anyone who has special dietary needs – including food allergies, strong food preferences or not eating a specific food be it animal (pork, chicken, fish, shellfish), vegetable (such as onions or peanuts) or grain (wheat, for example). Participants should enjoy spicy Thai food – at least 5 on a scale of 1 to 10: there typically is a variety of spice levels at each meal. To see some of the delicious dishes we may encounter on this trip, check out Kasma's Trip Food Photos.

Trip prices includes: Lodging (double occupancy), all meals and local means of conveyance while in Thailand. Prices are subject to change as necessitated by unanticipated increases in exchange and room rates.

Airfare to Thailand: Is not included in the trip price. You will be responsible for booking your own flights to Thailand; we are happy to assist and advise.

Group size: Limited to fourteen participants for each trip. The trip minimum is 5 participants. There will be a small-group surcharge for less than 10 people.

Beach SunsetMust read: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Interview: We talk with all potential trip members prior to registration to insure compatibility.

Registration: First, read all the information available online (links below). Then contact Kasma to set up an interview.

Deposit: Once accepted we require a $400 deposit to hold the spot. Initially $200 is non-refundable with the entire amount turning non-refundable 4 months before departure date or when we purchase an airplane ticket for you, whichever comes first. If we purchase a ticket for you, there is an additional $300 non-refundable deposit (which is applied towards your airfare). See contracts for each trip for trip-specific details.

Southern Trip: We cannot accept on the Southern trip anyone who does not love the sea, does not know how to swim fairly well or does not know how to snorkel. Much of the trip will be spent visiting marine national parks where much of the enjoyment is found underwater rather than above; accommodations at these parks can be rustic.

Signing up:If you are read to sign up for a trip, please make sure you have read all of the trip information (see "Explore Further" below). The next step will be to Contact Kasma to set up a phone interview.

These trips are not for everyone! You must like spicy Thai food, rice and seafood, eat food of all kinds, be physically active, be open to new experiences, get along with people, be willing to get going early on some mornings, be open to new experiences, and be open to "roughing it" on occasion.The groups travel in two mini-vans and are more reminiscent of friends or family traveling together than a package tour.

Note: Kasma is not a travel agent and can not and does not make travel arrangements or recommendations for private trips or individuals.

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Explore Further

We suggest that you explore all of the links under Trip Information below. Read each of the Individual Trip Pages to see which you might be interested and then check out the itinerary, contract, blogs (if available) and photos for each trip. If you'd like to sign up, ask question, have us address concerns or would like to talk with a prior trip member, follow this Contact Kasma link and get in touch.

Note: All links open in a new window so that you can simply close that window to return to this page of links.

Khorat market vendor Trip Information:   Overall Description  |   Details   Trip Brochure (PDF) |
Trip Information    FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)   |   Testimonials

Individual Trip Pages:   Trip Summaries   |   Trip B   |   Trip So   |   Trip NE   |   Trip NF

Trip Itineraries:   Trip B   |   Trip So   |   Trip NE   |   Trip NF

Trip Contracts (PDFs):   Trip B   |   Trip So   |   Trip NE

Blogs on Trips:   Trip B, Part 1 & Trip B, Part 2   ||   NE - Weaving Villages

Trip Photos

Buddha imageNote: All links open in a new window so that you can simply close that window to return to this page of links.

Onsite Photos:

Single Trips:   Trip B & Trip B 09   |    Trip So & Underwater &   | Snorkel Krabi    |   Trip NE & NE Fabrics

Applies to all trips: Food Sampling   |   Thai Markets

Kasma's Google+ Photos: Offsite. Scroll to find relevant albums or use these links.

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Signing Up For a Scheduled Trip

Please make sure that you have read the Trip details and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs); then Contact Kasma.

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