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Trip A, Photos of Thailand (Page 1)

A 26-day Trip of Northern, Central & Southern Thailand


Note: Trip A is no longer offered. Consider going on Trip B.

Photos on this page do apply to Trip B.

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Market Vendor Thai Fruits Kanom Krok Grand Palace Grand Palace 2
Grand Palace Buddha Sticky Rice in Bamboo Floating Market Floating Market Vendors Ayuthaya Ruins
Ayuthaya Buddhas Weaving Stairs Thai Children Mae Sa Valley Resort
Torch Ginger Thai Orchid Hmong Children Hmong Girls Harvesting Rice Second index page
Third index page

For more photos of Trip A: Go to Explore Further and follow the links for Kasma's GoogleZ photos.

Kasma's 26-day trip to Thailand, Trip A, is your best bet if this is your first time to Thailand. You'll get to see some of Bangkok, the historical heartland (Ayuthaya, Sukhothai) and then explore Mae Sa Valley, Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai in the North. After a return to Bangkok it's time to head down to the beautiful white-sand beaches of Krabi. In Krabi you'll get plenty of beach and island time – you'll stay on a remote island for three nights – and get in some fabulous snorkeling. Check out Kasma's underwater pictures as well, to see some of the sights you may encounter snorkeling in Phi Phi National Park.

If you have less time, consider Kasma's 17-day trip Trip B – it's Trip A without the time down South. Check out the Trip B photos as well – you'll visit all of those places on trip A.

If you enjoy these pictures and think you might want to travel to Thailand to see some of these sites for yourself, please contact Kasma.

Photos copyright © 2005 – 2007 Kasma Loha-unchit. All rights reserved.

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