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Traveling in Southern Thailand – Trip So
Snorkel Intensive Trip
19 days in Thailand – January 30 to February 17, 2021

led by Kasma Loha-unchit

"I never could have imagined the wonders I witnessed through my mask! Already I'm trying to figure out where I can go snorkeling again." – Carol

This is Kasma's last trip to Southern Thailand prior to retirement.
Also see the page describing Kasma's 18-day trip in 2020.

Itinerary for the "snorkel-intensive" trip.

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Thailand beach Fan coral Tarutao Beach Coral

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This special trip of the South has a definite emphasis on snorkeling. We will visit four marine national parks with exceptional and biologically diverse coral reefs. This is an excellent opportunity to explore many wonderful beaches and to experience the best snorkeling in Thailand.


Turtle seen snorkeling

Kasma's trip to Southern Thailand is a truly "off-the-beaten-track" adventure. Although the people of the south share many of the characteristics of the Thai people, the south has a very different flavor reflecting its higher concentration of Muslim people and its proximity to the ocean.

Thailand beachLet's start with the beaches. You'll spend much of your time either on beautiful, white sand beaches or on boats getting there. Kasma is an avid snorkeler and takes you to the best snorkeling spots in Thailand. You will have several full days where all you do is eat, snorkel and then eat and snorkel some more. (If you do not have experience snorkeling this trip is not for you. To go on this particular trip you need to know how to swim well, know how to snorkel and love the ocean.) (Check out Kasma's underwater pictures and her snorkel Krabi photos.)

In addition to the lovely beaches, we'll be able to fit in a rain-forest walk or two and visit waterfalls. This definitely is a trip for physically fit and active people – we'l be doing a fair amount of climbing in and out of boats, usually with a ladder, and sometimes climbing onto boats from a high pier.

Market vendor

Market vendor

This trip is perfect for nature lovers who enjoy camping. Because so many of our spots are chosen for their beauty, either above or below the water, the accommodations can be rustic. On one national park island we may need to camp (it's happened before); even if we don't camp on this island, we'll stay in cabins without air conditioning or hot water and with electricity available only for certain hours in the evening, night or morning. There won't be amenities such as room service – the consolation is that we're staying in paradise, at least by Kasma's definition!

Because of the emphasis on snorkeling, we won't get a heavy dose of southern culture. You come on this version of the trip because you like the ocean and you like to snorkel.

Chillies at marketAnd then there's the food. Whenever possible, we'll explore Thai markets, with their delectable offerings ready to eat or cook. Street food is some of the most delicious food in Thailand and we'll do our share of grazing. If you like seafood, be prepared for many delicious meals with seafood as fresh as you can wish. Most dinners we'll eat 5 or 6 dishes, family-style. In Krabi we'll have a few meals at a very good restaurant. Just be warned, on the islands the food may not be quite as good as on other occasions as we are dependent on the national park service while there.

Thai salad

A delicious Thai salad

Food is an important part of the trip and participants must love spicy Thai food ‐ at least 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. We cannot accept anyone who has special dietary needs – including food allergies, strong food preferences or not eating a specific food be it animal (pork, chicken, fish, shellfish), vegetable (such as onions or peanuts) or grain (wheat, for example). Check out Kasma's Trip Food Photos as well as a former trip member's food photos from the South (offsite, opens in new window).

Fan coral So be prepared for some fabulous snorkeling: you'll see an amazing variety of fishes, often in large schools, and we usually run into sharks, turtles and the occasional octopus.

Thai island sunriseWe'll travel around Thailand in one or two mini-vans with driver(s) who become part of the family. Our other main mode of transportation will be boats, both larger boats and the famous long-tail boats (see picture below). At some point we can almost guarantee a beautiful sunset or sunrise that will be one of the other memories you take home with you.

Thai island sunrise

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Note: The Southern trip's itinerary varies. The 2008, 2012 & 2015 trips were 25-day trips.
The 2010 trip was a 17-day trip. The 2013 trip was an 18-day trip. The 2018 trip was a 19-day "snorkel" trip.

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