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Thailand Trip Photos

by Kasma Loha-unchit

It is impossible to reduce the complexity, liveliness, color, sights and sounds of a trip to Thailasd into a limited number of photographs. Here we present just a few of wonderful scenes that await a visitor to Thailand on a trip with Kasma.

Be sure to check out Kasma's albums on Google Photos. It's easiest go to to the Explore Further section below and follow the links to Google Photo albums for individual trips.

Photos on This Site

Trip A Photos

Buddha at Doi SuthepTrip A is no longer offered.

Trip B Photos

Kasma, Trip GuideGrand PalaceThe 17- or 18-day Trip B covers central and northern Thailand – essentially 26-day Trip A without the southern portion. There are two sets of Trip B photos – 1) Older Trip B Photos & 2) Photos From 2009. You can also view the first 40 or so photos from Trip A.
Also see: 18-day Trip B Itinerary.

Southern Trip So Photos

Koh TarutaoWhite sand beaches! A trip devoted to sothern Thailand featuring snorkeling, exotic cultural visits, seafood feasts and more. Check out the photos from Southern Trip So. Also see the last 20 or so photos from Trip A (in Krabi) and the underwater Photos.
Also see: Southern Trip Itinerary  |  Southern Trip Page.

Northeastern Trip NE Photos

Coral Garden This trip to Northeastern Thailand (Isan) is no longer being offered. Here's some photos of the region for your enjoyment.

Underwater Photos

Coral GardenSome of the best days on the Southern trip (and indeed, two days on Trip A) are spent in the ocean, snorkeling. Here's a collection of underwater photos that will give you an idea of some of the beauty to be seen while snorkeling in Thailand.

Underwater Photos from Krabi

Large Spotted Blue JellyfishOne of the main areas where Kasma takes you to snorkel on her trips is Krabi province. Here are 55 underwater photos from Krabi that Kasma took in December 2008 & January 2009.

Market Photos

Floating market vendorsThe markets of Thailand are colorful, exciting and appetizing. This is a collection of 75 photographs taken by Kasma over the years of markets all over Thailand.

Thailand Trips Food Sampling

Mixed Seafood CurryThe Thai food eaten in Thailand is absolutely spectacular. Here you can see a fraction of the dishes eaten on Kasma's trips, much of the food is seldom found outside of Thailand.

NE Thailand Fabrics

Floating market vendorsNE Thailand (Isaan) Fabrics displays some of the lovely fabrics available in this area of Thailand, where many villages have their own distinctive style of silk or cotton cloth.

Offsite Photos

Crisp fried Cha-Om dishAll links go offsite and open in a new window.

  • Follow the links in the "Trip Photos" section below to see Kasma's photos in Google Photos.

Offsite: Photos by Trip Members

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Trip Photos

Buddha imageNote: All links open in a new window so that you can simply close that window to return to this page of links.

Onsite Photos:

Single Trips:   Trip B & Trip B 09   |    Trip So & Underwater &   | Snorkel Krabi   

Applies to all trips: Food Sampling   |   Thai Markets

Offsite Photos:Kasma's albums in Google Photos:.

Google Photos - Trip B: 2017 B-1 | 2017 B-2 | 2017 B-3  ||   2015 B-1 | 2015 B-2 | 2015 Videos
Google Photos - Trip B: 2013 B-1 | 2013 B-2 ||   2012 B-1 | 2012 B-2 | 2012 B-3   || 2011 B-1 | 2011 B-2   

Google Photos- Trip NF: 2018 NF-1  | 2018 NF-2  | 2018 NF-3  | Northern Frontiers

Google Photos - Trip So: 2018 So-1 | 2018 So-2  |  2018 So-3  |  2016 So-1 | 2016 So-2
Google Photos - Trip So: 2015 So-1 | 2015 So-2  |  2015 So-3  |  2015 Videos
Google Photos - Trip So: 2013 So-1 | 2013 So-2   ||   2012 So-1 | 2012 So-2 | 2012 So-3
Google Photos - Trip So: 2010 So-1 | 2010 So-2 | 2010 So-3   ||   2008 C

Snorkel Trip So:   Snorkel 2018-1   | Snorkel 2018-2   | Snorkel 2010-11   | Snorkel 2009   | Snorkel 2007


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