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NE Thailand (Isaan) Fabrics (page 1 of 1)

Kasma Loha-unchit (photos & text)

One of the highlights of traveling in Isaan (Northeastern Thailand) is visiting the numerous weaving villages in the region. Each village or province has its own style and it's great fun to be able to walk through the villages and meet the women who make the lovely fabric you see there.

You can learn about some of the places in Isaan where these fabrics come from on our blog at A Treasure of Northeastern Thailand: Weaving Villages.

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01_ne_fabric 02_ne_fabric 03_ne_fabric 04_ne_fabric 05_ne_fabric
06_ne_fabric 07_ne_fabric 08_ne_fabric 09_ne_fabric 10_ne_fabric
11_ne_fabric 12_ne_fabric 13_ne_fabric 14_ne_fabric 15_ne_fabric
16_ne_fabric 17_ne_fabric 18_ne_fabric 19_ne_fabric 20_ne_fabric
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