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Thailand Markets (page 2 of 4)

Kasma Loha-unchit (photos) & Michael Babcock (text)

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DSCN7700 DSCN4995 IMG_9360 0304_thai_2232p IMG_8768
Fruit for Sale Dried Shrimp Market Butcher Pork Vendor Pork Innards
IMG_9362 IMG_4964 IMG_9350 IMG_7377 IMG_9355
Pig Head Fresh Chicken Fish Vendor Fresh Fish Marinated Fish
IMG_6849 DSCN7706 DSCN6234 DSCN6853 IMG_8626
Dried Fish Fish Eggs Fish in Baskets Shell Fish Vendors Shrimp Paste Stall
IMG_9386 IMG_8791 IMG_8715 DSCN7747 IMG_6768
Shrimp Paste Vendor Chilli Pastes Curry Paste Rice for Sale Shredding Coconuts