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Thailand Trips Food Sampling (page 1 of 6)

Kasma Loha-unchit

Thai food in Thailand is much more varied than what is found outside of Thailand. Kasma estimates that only 5% of the available dishes can be found in restaurants in the United States. On the trips, you will get to taste many of those other 95% of Thai dishes. Here you can look at 113 pictures of dishes that Kasma photographed on trips in early 2008. These represent only some of the dishes you may get on the trip – not all of the dishes shown here are eaten on all trips and since there are over 150 different dishes you'll try on the 17- or 19-day trip and over 200 on the 25- or 26-day trips, these pictures are only a teaser.

One of the few places outside of Thailand where you'll find many of these dishes is in Kasma's Thai cooking classes – she offers her versions of over half the dishes seen on these pages, mostly as part of various advanced cooking class menus.

You can also see most of these pictures slightly larger at Kasma's Thailand Trip Foods Sampling.

Click any image to see a larger version; then clicking the larger images will take you to the next image in sequence.

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Spicy Cooked Catfish Flakes Leaf-wrapped Mackerel Crisp-fried Cha-om Crisped-fried Softshell Crabs Hot & Sour Shrimp Salad
food006 food007 food008 food009 food010
Curried Fish Mousse Crispy Fried Duck Hot & Sour Dry Rice Noodles Salted Crab Coconut Dip Massamun Beef Tongue
food011 food012 food013 food014 food015
Hot & Sour Roasted Eggplant Salad Stir-fried Cuttlefish Winged Bean Salad Stir-fried Pork and Long Beans Panaeng Beef Curry
food016 food017 food018 food019 food020
Southrn-style Dry Curry Bitter Melon and Shrimp Curry Stir-fried Crab Crispy Fried Fish Steamed Duck Noodles