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Traveling on Thailand Travel Adventure's TripB
2016 Trip B: November 30 to December 16, 2016 (in Thailand)
2017 Trip B: November 24 to December 10, 2017 (in Thailand)

led by Kasma Loha-unchit

"What a joy you have given us – this adventure with you has been more than we ever hoped for." – Bud & Pat

Market vendorsThis page describes a 17- or 18-day trip to Central & Northern Thailand (Trip B).

The 2017 trip is full. If interested in the January 2019 trip contact Kasma.

Central & Northern Thailand – Trip B

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Grand Palace

The Grand Palace

Kasma's Trip B trips start out with some sight-seeing in Bangkok. Then the group heads out through the historical heartland of the Kingdom (of Thailand). You'll make stops in Ayuthaya and Sukhothai where you'll visit historical ruins, temples and the like.

The trips then continue on north, making stops along the way and head up to the Mae Sa for a visit of a two nights. In Mae Sa you'll visit a living Hmong hilltribe village where you'll visit Kasma's friends and see how the Hmong really live (and not just a display for tourists).

Lisu girlsThen you'll take a beautiful drive through the foothills of the Himalayas up to Mae Hong Son for a stay of several nights at a lovely eco-resort. You'll visit Burmese-style temples, a lively morning market, a tea-growing village and take a boat ride to the Burmese border.

From Mae Hong Son, you'll head back to Chiang Mai via Pai, traversing some of the most beautiful mountainous scenery in Thailand, with stops along the way for snacks and shopping.

In Chiang Mai you'll visit Doi Suthep, the famous Chiang Mai temple: there's a saying that if you haven't seen Doi Suthep, you've not seen Chiang Mai. You'll visit exciting Worarat market, numerous crafts factories where you'll see Thai handicrafts being made, the night bazaar with it's numerous vendors and wide variety of wares on offer. There's also a stop at the Royal Flora Park and Pavilion, dedicated to our late king.

Royal Pavilion

Royal Pavilion

Then back to Bangkok. For Trip B, there's a visit to Or Tor Kor Market (pronounced "Aw Dtaw Kaw"), a farewell feast and then home.

Painting umbrellaThe list of places visited can only hint at the richness of this unique tour. You'll visit Thai cultural sites and a couple of unique Thai weaving locations. Whenever possible, you'll visit lively Thai markets, such as the one top left in Sukhothai; they're exciting and colorful and, what's better, you can often graze your way through these markets on the delicious kanom (the Thai word for snack) and prepared foods that entice you at every turn. You'll be able to purchase Thai ingredients, such as chili pastes and curry pastes, to take home.

In addition to the Hmong village in Mae Sa, we'll encounter Hmong, Lisu, Lihu and Karen hill tribe people, with their colorful traditional costumes. The second picture above left shows two Lisu girls at a stop on our return from Mae Hong Son.

Fish MousseThen there's the food. You'll feast on authentic Thai food every day. Kasma estimates that in the U.S. we see only about 5% of the number of dishes that are available in Thailand; you'll get to taste some of that other 95%, the same food that Thai people eat and not a version adapted for tourists. To the left is a picture of Haw Moek, a red-curry fish that's steamed as a custard or mousse; this particular dish was from the Restaurant Ton Kiang in Bangkok. Truly, if you did nothing more than eat on this trip, you would have fond memories for the rest of your life. Add in the colorful and exotic sites, and you'll truly have a trip to remember.

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