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Southern California Markets with Thai Ingredients

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The list was last updated in 2010 so it may be out-of-date. It makes references to the brands that Kasma used to recommend. (She is no longer making recommendations.)


Oriental Food Market
205 W Mission Ave, Suite T
Escondido CA 92025

Fresh items - all in very good condition- included: Thai green eggplants, purple chinese eggplants, fresh pea eggplants, Thai basil, galanga, kaffir lime leaves, green papaya rice paddy herb, turmeric, lemongrass, garlic, shallots.

Kasma's Preferred Brands: Klong Koen Gkapi (in regular and large sized containers) Shark brand sriracha sauce, Mae ploy and chaokah coconut milk, , Mae Ploy and Mae Anong curry pastes, Tra Chang fish sauce, Kwong Hung Seng brand sauces, Mae Krua oyster sauce. (They are not familiar with the dragonfly brand of oyster sauce.)

Other items: Fried shallots, 3 or 4 kinds of palm sugar, various spices, flours and noodles, dried galanga, fermented tofu, black rice, sticky rice, jasmine rice, sticky rice serving baskets, tea socks, lao mortar (ceramic) and pestle (wood). I asked the owner about granite mortar and pestle sets - they do carry them but did not have any in stock today. 

When I went to make my purchase, the owner saw the pea eggplants and said "Do you know what to do with these?" I replied, "Yes." Have you been to Thailand," was her immediate next question. "Yes, I have." Turns out the fresh pea eggplants are a rarity- I came at the right time. When she got the the shrimp paste, she said "Good Gkapi!" (from an advanced student, September 2010)

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