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Michigan Markets with Thai Ingredients

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The list was last updated in 2015 so it may be out-of-date.

These three markets were suggested in an unsolicited email. I've included the comments.

Kim Nhung Superfood
30925 Dequindre Rd
Madison Heights, MI 48071
(248) 588-8383

The first is Kim Nhung Superfood, located in the Detroit suburbs, which is a fairly large market that specializes in Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian foods, including Thai. They have a good selection of produce as well as packaged fresh meat. They have a meat counter too. Last time I visited, I saw they had things like fresh galangal and stalks of sugarcane. (2015, February)

Saigon Market
30573 John R Rd
Madison Heights, MI 48071
(248) 589-0831

The second is Saigon Market, not too far from Kim Nhung. It's smaller and I'm not as familiar with it, but it has a good selection of Southeast Asian foods. (2015, February)

Far East Market
4066 Bay Rd
Saginaw, MI 48603
(989) 797-3727

The third is Far East Market in Saginaw, about two hours of north of Detroit. It also have a lot of Southeast Asian foods. Being outside of a large metro area, it's not surprising it's a lot smaller, but as the only such market in the area, I would imagine it attracts a lot of shoppers from northern Michigan. The produce is a bit more limited and there's no fresh meat, but there is a good selection of frozen seafood, and there are things like frozen galangal and kaffir lime leaves, and a wide variety of canned and dry goods. (2015, February)

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