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Florida Markets with Thai Ingredients

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The list was last updated in 2015 so it may be out-of-date.

Miami Area

These markets were suggested in an unsolicited email. I've included the comments

PK Oriental Mart
255 NE 167th Street
Miami, FL 33162

Tim's Oriental Grocery
30365 South Dixie Highway
Homestead, FL 33033

Both have a wide range of Asian products and both sell fresh produce too.  Many people complain about the lack of good Oriental markets here in Miami, so perhaps compared to what you may have in other areas these 2 markets aren't great, but to me they seem wonderful – full of all kinds of interesting foods to try!  I've been to PK many times and just discovered Tim's the other day. (2009, November)

Tampa Area

A student sent us these comments after a visit to Tampa.

MD Oriental Mart
1106 E Fowler Ave
Tampa, FL 33612
(813) 868-1688

They had sweet basil, fresh lemongrass (not particularly aromatic), a few Mae Ploy curry pastes, frozen galanga and pandan leaves, a jarred nahm prik pow without MSG, many kinds of palm sugar, the round green Thai eggplants, etc. No Golden Boy fish sauce! (from a student, 2015, February)

Wat Tampa
5306 Palm River Rd.
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 621-1669
Sunday Market

There is a temple that does lunch every Sunday and they also have a little market area with live plants (both ornamental and culinary; our friends have bought kaffir lime and Thai chilli plants here), cut herbs, fruit, and some prepared sauces that appear to be homemade.  (from a student, 2015, February)

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