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Markets with Thai Ingredients – Online & Mail-order

Other Markets: United States Markets   | San Francisco Bay Area Markets

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We think of online markets in terms of ingredients for making Thai food at home and don't look at products such as Pad Thai sauce (for example). Before you shop, you might want to check out Kasma's favorite Thai brands for all kinds of Thai products and try to order accordingly. We highly recommend starting out with one of Kasma's favorite brands of fish sauce: many students through the years have told Kasma that merely changing brands of fish sauce has made a measurable difference in their cooking. (You may enjoy Kasma's articles on fish sauce.)

Disclaimer: We have no financial connection to any of these markets.

Online Sources of Thai Ingredients

Good Markets – U.S.

Los Angeles, CA
(818) 469-9407
Fax: (310) 424-2914 Email: info@grocerythai.com
A very good selection with many of Kasma's favorites including both Tra Chang and Golden Boy fish sauce. Excellent selection including some hard to find items (limestone paste, gkrachai) and a very good range of fresh produce, including kaffir lime fruit and green papaya. Has Dragonfly brand Black Soy.
Online Grocery Shopping
(800) 720-9350
They seem to have many of Kasma's favorite brands, including Golden Boy and Tra Chang Fish Sauces. Be as specific as you can in your searches.

Good Thai Markets – Europe

Prenton, Merseyside, England
Email: enquiries@raanthai.co.uk
One of the best sources of online Thai produce I've seen. It includes 5 kinds of fresh chillies, galanga, gkrachai and both holy & Thai basil. Kaffir lime leaves are frozen (or dried) only but they do have fresh kaffir lime fruit. An extensive selection of products includes many of Kasma's favorite products (not all) including Tra Chang fish sauce. They have many hard-to-find items, such as green peppercorns in brine and incense candles. The one thing I did not find was black soy. It's a great resource for people in the U.K. (Be warned: the navigation to an item can be slow; luckily the search function works well.) Based in the U.K., they supply the whole of the E.U.

Carry Some Ingredients

U.K. Source for Fresh Thai Produce

Wholesale Kaffirlimes dot CO dot UK
Due to overwhelming demand we are now offering kaffir lime leaves for home use in small quantities. Go to our ‘Leaves and Fruit” page for details of our home use offers.

Sources for Woks & Cookware

Gourmet Sleuth dot com
Los Gatos, CA 95030
408-395-8279 (fax)
Email: info@gourmetsleuth.com
They have ceramic (Lao) and wood mortar and pestles as well as stainless steel stacked steamers.

Sources for Plants & Seeds

Kitazawa Seed Co.
201 4th St., #206
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 595-1188
Great selection of seeds for Asian herbs and produce, including holy basil, Thai basil, lemon basil and several kinds of Thai chillies.
Four Winds Growers
P. O. Box 3538 (F)
Fremont, CA 94539
(510) 656-2591
Source for ordering Kaffir Lime Trees online. The best way to insure a steady supply on kaffir lime leaves is to grow your own. It is also the best way to get kaffir lime peel, so important in curry pastes and usually difficult to find (fresh or dried) in stores.
Oriental Seeds
Evergreen Y.H. Enterprises
P.O. Box 17538
Anaheim, CA 92817
Tel/Fax : (714) 637-5769
Over 200 kinds of seeds for oriental vegetables, including 4 varieties of Thai Basil, Thai round eggplants, Thai long green eggplants, Chinese Broccoli, and on and on.
Sustainable Seed Company
355 E. 20th St.
Chico, CA 95928
(800) 620-SEED
Thai basil, lemon basil, Thai culinary peppers and over 1,800 other varieties of heirloom and organic vegetables and herbs.
The Cook's Garden
PO Box C5030
Warminster, PA 18974
(800) 457-9703
Includes seeds for Holy, Lemon and Thai Basil and Thai Chilli plants among their products.
Johnny's Selected Seeds
1 Foss Hill Road
RR Box 2580
Albion, Maine 04910-9731
(207) 437-4395
Johnny's Selected Seeds includes seeds for Thai Chiles, Holy, Lemon and Thai Basil among their products.
Richter's Seeds
Ontario, Canada L0C 1A0
(905) 640-6677
Several kinds of basil, Vietnamese Coriander (close enough to Thai!).
Seeds of Change
PO Box 15700
Santa Fe NM 87506
(888) 762-7333
Thai and holy basil.

Mail Order Sources with Thai Ingredients

519 6th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone (206) 624-6248
Fax: (206) 624-6915
Email: harvey@uwajimaya.com
Free Catalogue: 800-889-1928
Their catalogue has Mae Ploy curry pastes (a good brand), tamarind, gkabi (shrimp paste), palm sugar, wet tamarind, Chaokoh Coconut Milk (one of Kasma's two favorites), dried rice noodles, and some dried spices. You can order non-catalogue items that are in the store. You can not order online. Their website does not list products.
Anzen Japanese Foods and Imports
736 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 233-5111
Drop them a postcard to receive a listing of products. If it isn't on the list, they still might have it, so phone and ask.

Other Markets: United States Markets   | San Francisco Bay Area Markets

On this page: Online Sources   |  Woks & Cookware   |  Plants & Seeds   |  Mailorder Sources

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