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Thai Cultural, Handicraft & Travel Sites Links

International Women's Partnership for Peace and Justice (IWP) is a spiritual based feminist organization working to support grassroot women's groups in South and southeast Asia. Their three core principles are feminism, social activism and spiritual practice. They offer trainings and workshops on a wide variety of topics including Leadership for Social Change, Buddhist Peacebuilding and Natural Building Workshops.

Thailand Life is a site created by a Thai high school student. Full of interesting information. There is also Thailand Guidebook.

Its4Thai dot com is a website with 10 free Thai lessons. It's a good way to start learning the Thai language.

A Guide to Thailand has excellent information about traveling to Thailand. It includes information on Thai history, tours, visas, stories, regional guides, resources and more.

René Hasekamp has several good sections on Thailand. There's a page of Thai links.

Here is a great page of links to many interesting Thai pages.

http://www.thailao.com offers the best books for someone who wants to learn the Thai language. They also offer translation and interpreting for both Thai and Lao. from her book.

Thai-info has a great deal of information on Thailand.

Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery is Northern California has an excellent website. Check the "Teachings" link for a number of good dhamma teachings, written or audio.

Read Thailand's best English paper – The Bangkok Post – online.

Thai Embassy and Consulate in the U.S. (for Visas)

Thai Embassy in Washington, DC.

Thai Consulate in Los Angeles.

Health Information Links

Weston A. Price Foundation – Our favorite source for health information. We are subject to so much misinformation about diet and health issues. It's a delight to find a site that tells us (and backs it up with solid information and references) what we really already intuitively know – traditional, nutrient-dense foods that taste good will keep you healthy. If it's new-fangled or processed, be very careful about putting it in your body!

Eat Wild – Features comprehensive, up-to-date information about the benefits of raising animals on pasture. Eat animals the that eat the way nature intended them to! Includes a resource list for where to buy healthy meat.

Recommended Links

A friend recently traveled to Palestine. She's put up a website that chronicles her travels – please go and read. It presents a very different picture of the situation in Palestine than we are allowed to read in our media here.

National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is our favorite environmental organization. For many years they have been at the front of the battle to bring about an environmentally sound world. Please consider joining and supporting their work.

Global Fund for Women is a grantmaking foundation supporting women's human rights organizations around the world working to address critical issues such as gaining economic independence, increasing girls' access to education and stopping violence against women.

Gardening Links

The Urban Farmer Store is the place to go if you are interested in drip irrigation systems (or outdoor lighting). In addition to classes, they'll provide a wealth of information and problem-solving to help you get your system right. The have stores in San Francisco, Mill Valley and Richmond, California. What a great place!

Urban Gardening – Urban gardening is a great way to improve the urban environment. Learn all about different forms of urban gardening and agriculture with our informational site. No matter how big your city or how small your apartment, you can enjoy gardening.

Just for Fun Links

Check out the link of the Top 100 Travel Photography Blogs. Our Thai Food & Travel Blog made the list!

Judy's Colors wonderfully colorful and whimsical "patterns for wearable and collectible knits"

John Pearson – Photographer explores the visual world of John Pearson who specializes in people, nature and whimsy.

Blaze Warrender is an visionary artist from Australia who weaves together symbols, goddess forms and animals.

Jim Block is the website of another great photographer.

The Barefoot Nellies is an all-women country & western band based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Check 'em out!

Henry Kaiser Official Website – all things related to guitarist Henry Kaiser!

The Internet Archive – see how your favorite websites looked in the past.

Monart Drawing School – in Seattle, Washington. Monart is more than a method that teaches people how to draw; it is also a teaching system that helps students to learn how to focus and concentrate, make decisions, solve problems, sequence and develop hand-eye coordination. If you live in the Seattle area, come take a class!

The Whole Earth Catalog rides again! Check out Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools for some great tools to make your life easier and your pocketbook more empty!

Community Travel Service offers small-group, cultural tours to Japan – these trips appear to be very similar to Kasma's in look and feel.

The Friends of Deir Ibzi'a – a site made up by activists who traveled to Palestine as volunteers with the International Solidarity Movement and were involved in the creation of a children's summer camp which took place in the village of Deir Ibzi'a in July-August of 2002. There are several pages of pictures of life in this Palestinian village.

Banksy is an artist in the UK with a rather innovative approach to getting his work in major museums. Some of his best work is found on the Palestine wall.

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