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Thai Food Sites Links

A relatively new site, Real Thai Recipes (adventures in learning to cook thai style) has a good ingredients glossary (with pictures), recipes, nice photographs and some excellent articles on Thai cooking. Worth a look.

Regional Recipes has some very good information on Thai food. Some good articles – it's worth a long browse.

Thai Table dot com has some very good articles on Thai food and culture. I especially like the descriptions of Thai ingredients and the market locater page.

Asia Books is a good source for books on Thailand. If you are interested in fruit and vegetable carving, a search on "carving" will turn up some books for you. Email and ask for other (Thai-only) carving books.

Thai Food in the U.K. is a fun site. Some interesting information and links. Check out the Comments on Thai Cuisine.

Food Information Sites Links

Makan Time in Singapore is a great site for information about food in Singapore. If you want to know what an asian vegetable looks like, check out the Asian Ingredient Page.

Asia Foods is an excellent website, particularly for the searchable online Encyclopedia of Asian Food.

Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages is a fabulous resource with 117 different spice plants examined in great detail. Some of the culinary details are not quite right but the botanical stuff is absolutely terrific.

Married With Dinner is a fun food blog by Anita Crotty. Check out her post on Kasma's cooking classes.

Epicurean Odyssey, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was created by Emily C. Swantner, a culinary educator, epicure and world traveler. Epicurean Odyssey offers a delectable collection of world-cuisine recipes in addition to private cooking classes, guest-cheffing, advice on kitchen organization, and menu & recipe development.

Leite's Culinaria is a beautifully-designed website, a collection of writings by acclaimed food writer David Leite, along with recipes and other features. David's writing is light-hearted, funny, and enthusiastic about food.

Chopstix – a great site devoted to Chinese food – is back!

Montreal Food is a wonderful resource for all things food oriented in Montreal.

Local Food Sites Links

Morell's Breads – Eduardo Morell makes an incredibly delicious rye and raisin bread that is a staple in our household. This is his website. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, it's worth a trip to the Thursday or Saturday Farmer's Market in Berkeley to get his bread.

Broadway Catering and Events – located in Sonoma, they offer personalized full-service catering for celebrations and events throughout the San Francisco bay Area.

The Ecology Center in Berkeley, California sponsors three terrific farmer's markets. We visit the Saturday market virtually every week to get locally-grown vegetables and fruit, tremendous eggs and delicious bread.

Blue Heaven Restaurant. Food history, food origins and facts, menus, recipes, and photos of Blue Heaven Restaurant in Key West, Florida.

Ingredient Sites Links

Order a Kaffir Lime Tree online! at Four Wind Growers. Their site includes Kasma's section on Kaffir Lime from her book.

Good Earth Peanuts in Virginia has good information on peanuts.

Buying Ingredients Online

Check out or Links to Online Markets and Asian Herbs & Seeds.

Cooking Schools Links

Shawguides.com is the best of the sites listing cooking schools, professional and recreational, all over the world.

There's a good listing of Thai Cooking Classes around the country found on the site of Temple of Thai – an excellent online Thai grocery.

Cookery Magic – offers an authentic culinary experience in a Singapore home. Ruqxana offers many different classes, including weeklong, special theme classes and classes in your home.

Thai Fresh is the Web site of Jam Sanitchat in Austin, Texas, where she teaches Thai Cooking. Her blog is called Thai Cooking with Jam.

Renee Restivo offers sustainable culinary tours to Sicily at Soul of Sicily.

For people in Minneapolis/St. Paul, there is Supatra's Cooking School. Also check out here pictures of Thai vegetables.

Kasma on Other Sites Links

Four Wind Growers is a source for ordering Kaffir Lime Trees. Their site includes Kasma's section on Kaffir Lime from her book. They also sell an Asian Herb pack, which includes lemongrass, Thai chillies and Thai basil plants.

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