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Where to Purchase Coconut Oil

By Michael Babcock

On Buying Coconut Oil

CoconutsWe recommend "virgin coconut oil." While may be available in local health food stores, I prefer to order online because I've found better prices (even with shipping) and I can get the brand I prefer.

Virgin coconut oil is:

  • Minimally processed, usually by centrifuging or fermentation, so is likely to have more nutritional value. It is typically made from younger coconuts and processed within hours of opening. Other coconut oil is made from copra (the meat from a mature coconut) by pressing and is often "refined, bleached and deodorized" – often called an "RBD" oil.
  • Better tasting – I like the slight coconut flavor and aroma. A good virgin coconut oil feels as if its bursting with life-force and energy.

Brands of virgin coconut oils vary in taste, texture and smell. Try a variety and find one that you like, then order a gallon and maximize your savings – it has a (unrefrigerated) shelf life of two years or more. Use it to cook foods, as a butter substitute on toast or vegetables and in baked goods. Plan to use it on your skin – it feels wonderful and your skin loves it.

Remember, each product is slightly different and different people will prefer different brands.

Brands I can recommend

Coconut - Sprouting

  • Wilderness Family Naturals sells a variety of coconut products, including unrefined Virgin coconut oil from various locales. Their centrifuged oil was creamy and delicious with a slight coconut smell and taste. Their fermented virgin coconut oil from their Philippines was almost flavorless with a slight coconut smell – a good neutral oil for cooking.
  • Radiant Life offers a good virgin coconut oil with a slightly stronger coconut flavor.
  • Tropical Traditions in the Philippines was the first coconut oil I used and it was always excellent.
  • Edible Haven has a very tasty and smooth organic virgin coconut oil – an excellent product.
  • We used to buy from Nutiva. Our last batch tasted rancid, though (April 2015); we ordered from Amazon and I suspect it might have been a storage problem. We'll try again, ordering direct from Nutiva. In addition to Nutiva themselves, you can order (at good prices) from Netrition and Vitacost.

Other Brands Available in the U.S.

  • Coconut oil is also available in Indian markets. The two brands I tried had a stronger flavor that I did not enjoy.
  • Coconutoil-online dot com has a virgin, unrefined coconut oil obtained by centrifuge separation from fresh coconut milk. Note: They also ship internationally.

Brands Outside the U.S.

  • For you Aussies, kokonut pacific based in Australia has what appears to be an excellent product. Their model of sustainable development for rural communities looks hard to beat.
  • Certified Virgin Coconut Oil at www.coconoil.co.uk

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