Kasma Loha-unchit's Favorite Brands

Mae Ploy Coconut Milk Mae Ploy Coconut Milk Coconut milk
Mae Ploy – 19 oz.
Chaokoh – 14 oz.
  Roasted chilli paste
Butterfly Brand or Mae Ploy
Green Curry Paste Massaman Curry Paste Curry Paste
Mae Ploy – 14 oz. tubs
Nang Fah Fried Shallots Fried Shallots
Nang Fah (Tue Kung) brand distributed by V. Thai Food Products
Fish Sauces Fish Sauce
Golden Boy (best)
Tra Chang (best)
King Crab (good)
Squid (good)
Klong Kohn Shrimp Paste Klong Kohn Shrimp Paste Shrimp paste
Klong Kohn or Klong Kon ("Packed & distributed by P. Prateepthong.") – look for the big green shrimp.
Dragonfly Super Premium Oyster Sauce Dragonfly Oyster Sauce Mae Krua Oyster Sauce Oyster sauce
Dragonfly Super Premium Flavored (best)
or Dragonfly Premium
or "Mae Krua"
Black Soy Sauce Dark or Black Soy Sauce
Dragonfly – made by Kwong Hung Seng (check back label)
Peanut Oil Peanut oil
Lion and Globe
Dragonfly Salted Soybean Sauce Yellow Soy Bean Sauce
"Dragonfly Salted Soybean Sauce."
Jasmine Rice Jasmine Rice Label Jasmine rice
Golden Phoenix.
Thin Soy Sauce "Light" or "Thin" Soy Sauce
Koon Chun brand
Sanpatong Sticky Rice Sanpatong Label White Sticky Rice
Sanpatong (pictured)
Golden Phoenix
Thin Soy Sauce Sriracha Chilli Sauce
Shark brand, or one without additives or preservatives.