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More Durian (Wednesday Photo)

Michael Babcock, August 6th, 2009

Durian Fruit

Durian, outer and inner

Durian, outer and inner

This week we’ve got another durian picture from Or Tor Kor Market (pronounced Aw Taw Kaw) in Bangkok – one that will show you how this delectable fruit is encased in the very spiky outer-shell of the durian.

It’s a companion to last week’s photo, showing durian for sale at Or Tor Kor Market in Thailand.

Never go to sleep under a durian tree! They weigh several kilos and would really hurt if they landed on you!

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we have a number of stores that sell durian. My advice is not to get the frozen variety: the texture of the fruit has changed. Kasma sometimes buys a fresh durian but they are usually expensive: at $5.50 a pound a fruit can cost $40 to $50. We have gotten some good ones, though not as good as the ones in Thailand.

For more on Aw Taw Kaw Market, see Michael’s blog entry Pad Thai at Or Tor Kor Market. For more on Durian (including photos), check out Kasma’s article on the website: Durian, King of Fruits.

The Wednesday Photo is a new picture  each week highlighting something of interest in Thailand. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

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