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About Thai Food & Travel

Kasma Loha-unchit Thai Food and Travel is Kasma Loha-unchit. In 1985, Kasma began teaching Thai cooking and in 1986 she started leading trips to Thailand. This Web site was initially created in 1997 by her husband Michael Babcock to make her work more widely available.

On this site we have made a large body of Kasma's information on Thai food, travel and culture available as articles, recipes, ingredient descriptions and listings of Kasma's favorite brands. Information on the classes and trips Kasma offers is included for people who want to explore more deeply than this Web site can allow. Michael has also contributed a few articles.

As for "credentials," Kasma is a native of Thailand who grew up learning to cook from her mother, a master chef. Thai people love food and are, in general, very knowledgeable about it. To this base, Kasma has added years of passionate experience, experimentation and study. She develops all of her own recipes and studies her subject widely, using materials that are written in Thai and unavailable to a non-Thai speaker. While traveling in Thailand she verifies what she's read and gathers new ideas and information for her classes and trips. She is always learning new things about food.

Although Kasma has written two cookbooks, one of which won a prestigious award, her real credentials are her experience, knowledge and the ability to communicate what she knows to others.

We are happy to refer you to students and previous trip members.

Kasma lives in Oakland, California (across the bay from San Francisco) and teaches and runs her travel business in her house.

To get in touch with Kasma, please go to the Contact Us page. Or Read more about Kasma on her Biography page.

To get a sense of some of Kasma and her husband Michael's other interests, check out the interesting links to other sites.

See Also: A Note on Thai Spelling and Pronunciation.

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