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More Food Info

Explore Kasma's information on Thai food & culture. The Food Information page gives a complete overview.

Read about a Thai ingredient, from coconuts to fish sauce to turmeric. Learn how to select, prepare and use them.

Improve your cooking with the best Thai brands. One student says that just changing the fish sauce to one of Kasma's favorites dramatically improved the taste of his food.

Find a market with Thai ingredients, either online, local to San Francisco Bay Area or across the United States.

Explore Kasma's Thai cookbooks. It Rains Fishes Legends, Traditions and the Joys of Thai Cooking" (1996) won an IACP award.

This site devoted to Thai native Kasma Loha-unchit, Thai chef, cookbook author and tour leader. Share her insider's knowledge about Thai cuisine, customs and culture. (Kasma's Biography)

Thai Cooking Classes

Learn to cook Thai like a native in Thai.Cooking Classes. Check out information, menus and schedules.

Trips to Thailand

Small-group, off-the-beaten path trips to Thailand with Kasma.

Thai Food & Culture

Thai Recipes

Mouth-watering Thai recipes.


A wealth of information on Thai food & culture.


Mouth-watering Thai ingredients.

Best Thai Brands

Kasma's Favorite Thai Brands.

Asian Markets

Listings of markets with Thai ingredients:

Thai Cookbooks

Kasma's Two Thai Cookbooks.


Blog on Thai Food & Culture.

More Information

Kasma's Biography.

About this Site.

Contact Kasma.


Travel to Thailand, take Thai cooking classes, read about Thai food, Thai travel and Thai culture; learn from Thai native Kasma Loha-unchit as she shares her insider's knowledge, insight and experience.

"Thank you for the wonderful trip!! It was an epic adventure for me and I really appreciated your enthusiasm and conscientious efforts to put it all together!" – Janet Noble



Travel to Thailand

Market VendorTravel to Thailand with Kasma's small-group adventure tours. Explore Thai culture off-the-beaten path. On Kasma's trips to Thailand you eat like a Thai and see sights unavailable on other trips. Get to know the warm-hearted Thai people. The currently scheduled trips are the final trips she will offer. (More photos here.)

Floating market vendor

Vendor at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Thai Cooking Classes

Thai IngredientsAs Kasma heads towards retirement, there will be limited classes in 2020 by invitation only.



Articles on Thai Food, Culture

CoconutThe articles index contains extensive writings on Thai food & culture. Learn about all things Thai from a native and insider. There's everything from How to Crack a Coconut, How to Care for a Wok and Street Food in Thailand.

Thai Recipes

Pad Thai, Ready to Serve Choose from the Thai recipe index, where you'll find familiar favorites such as Pad Thai & Basil Chicken as well as less common dishes such as Roti Mataba.

Notes and pointers expand, explain and complement the recipes, time-tested by nearly 25 years of teaching. Kasma's will let you create delicious, authentic Thai food.

Blog on Thai Food & Thai Travel

Hilltribe infontOur Thai Food and Travel Blog will be an ongoing collection of writings and pictures about all things Thai. We'll blog on any- and everything to do with Thai food and Thai travel. Sign up for our RSS feed! Check out our Blog Index or our Wednesday Photo Index.


Photos of Thailand & Thai Food

Thai DishOur Photos Page has links to several photo collections. There are photos from each of Kasma's tours to Thailand, underwater photos, pictures of lively Thai markets and of mouth-watering Thai food. Or check out our blog's Wednesday Photo Index.

See also: A Note on Thai Spelling & Pronunciation.